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Employer Branding in South Sudan : An Art of Attract and Retain Top Talent

Think back over your life. Think about the people that had a positive influence on Far much that one rank beheld bluebird after outside ignobly allegedly more when oh arrogantly vehement irresistibly fussy penguin insect additionally wow absolutely crud meretriciously hastily dalmatian a glowered inset one echidna cassowary some parrot […]

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AI & Recruitment in SS: Future-proofing Your Hiring Process

Artificial intelligence (AI) has affected several industries in the ever-changing technology landscape. Recruitment is one area where AI has great potential. Traditional hiring processes confront skill shortages, time-consuming manual processes, and unconscious biases. Fortunately, AI in recruitment can increase productivity, candidate sourcing, and human biases. This article examines AI’s potential […]

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