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Our Mission Job board South Sudan we actively Connecting People to Their Next job opportunity, name it be government job, private or NGO etc...

Job is powered by Industry-Leading Technology Our sophisticated AI-matching technology is at the core of everything we do—and by analyzing millions of user interactions, it ’hundreds of people every month and helps businesses of all sizes find and hire the right candidates quickly.

We empower job seekers with the tools they need to stand out and get hired. Like a personal recruiter, we track down relevant opportunities in our marketplace, proactively pitch job seekers to hiring managers at top companies, and deliver status updates along the way. We make it easier to find work.

For Employers We match businesses of all sizes with the best people for their open roles. Reaching millions of job seekers through our site, email, and #1 rated-job seeker app1, we target the most qualified candidates to apply when a job goes live in our marketplace. The result? More quality candidates and reduced hiring times.

Our Service

  • Advertise A Job

    Our Job Board make it easy to write your job description. Then, with just one click, we send your job out to 10+ top job sites and local newspapers .
  • CV Search

    Our powerful matching technology scans thousands of resumes to find candidates with the right skills, education, and experience for your job - then actively invites them to apply.
  • Recruiter Profiles

    Use this feature to automatically send a pre-written, personal message to your favorite candidates — so they’re more likely to apply to your job.
  • Temp Search

    Easy to find qualified candidates fast
  • Display Jobs

    Our smart, easy-to-use dashboard helps you sort, review, and rate your candidates. We learn from your ratings and send you similar applicants to the ones you liked.
  • For Agencies

    You’re never locked-in to 30 day job posts. So, when you’re ready to post another job, simply close the filled position and replace it with a new job.
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